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Thu, Jan. 17th, 2008, 10:43 am

 I think I've been at a sort of crossroads since buying my mixer. Man, I'm excited about that thing. There's the perfect kind of computer connectivity and then I've relied for a long while my favorite audio workstation (Audacity Beta).

So here's what I mean. We're moving into the apartment in just less than two weeks. I am very eager to record new stuff! But, I'm inclined to just wait and get set-up there before leaping into it. It's more like I want to start fresh, in a new place, and with no need to 'pick up where I left off' from the last week. I'd almost rather write lyrics, like I have been doing through the month, and put them all to use in a one-direction-minded recording span. It could be a way to prevent me from going all over the place and losing focus. Other hand... I do have good older recordings that are in the same limbo mode. Recording in patches wouldn't be contrary to the way I've done things before.

This isn't particularly interesting, but I just wanted to express it out loud. Now I have it on 'paper.' I bet I'll record anyway. Simple guitar and vocal parts and that I can master later, because I don't even have my keyboard or proper amp yet (being in a POD warehouse). That's how I should go.

Thu, Jul. 26th, 2007, 02:39 pm

Last classes of the summer semester are today. I saw the English essay as fairly good for a couple of hours' time, so I'll expect a good mark. It was about the naivety that supposedly results from American capitalism. Beyond Borders bonks capitalism endlessly - I'm serious! My premise, basically, is that U.S. policies are not the only sort that cause corruption. A lot of this crap is based on cooperative agreements, so it isn't per se capitalist countries. It's globalization. But they don't really bonk that.

I'm extremely excited now, especially because I'm getting more time to work the job.

Moving on... Sarah and I were a little frustrated this morning. It seems that Alice Cooper sang with Marilyn Manson in Romania some time ago. Is that weird? Well, at least it looked enough like a rivalry that it was humorous. Manson actually tried to come in with a verse TWICE while the guitar solo was going on!

And here's something else that's the mark of absolute stupidity:


Almost a tenth of the population in Allentown (even at a conservative estimate) is illegal. I mean, is that something to consider significant? The most ridiculous aspect is that hispanic groups and illegal immigrants sued our government. What rights do illegal immigrants have at all to be represented in our legal court system? None. It's a joke. And the ACLU represents them. It's simply... illegals are not U.S. citizens and they deserve none of the civil liberties that are intended for U.S. citizens.

Mon, Apr. 16th, 2007, 01:59 pm
"At least 31 dead in Va."


It's a real pathetic state of affairs, and especially considering that they report it as the worst in our country's history. Everyone should have felt as though we were getting better; humanity and all of that. But then these shots catch you off guard and they're not confined to that fool's 2,600-acre playground. And the worst about this one is that there were gaps between the murders. The gunman could've been having a coffee while he thought about what he had already done.

It was something mentioned yesterday, but a Biology major at church had some insight on the topic of earth's gradual moral decay. He saw it obvious that the second law of thermodynamics applies in the sense of our breaking down, but in my mind I viewed it as going even further.

Imagine entopy in conjuction with sin. You go back to the beginning of the biblical historical record and sin is concentrated. After dispersion, it can do nothing else but spread out; it leveled out. But as it's all continuing to go downhill, the buildup is enormous and turns into a recognizable pattern. This is exactly what happened, and it was exactly what was supposed to happen.

Just some thoughts. I guess they might not be too profound. Do expect more regular posts from me, though!

Mon, Apr. 2nd, 2007, 05:36 pm
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Beryl does Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Mixing, and Mastering.

His sound is inspired by the likes of David Bowie, Electric Light Orchestra,
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Queen, Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys,
Tom Petty, Simon Philips, and Ennio Morricone.

Besides his Solo project he's also the Lead Vocalist for the band Zinc Alloy.

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Tue, Jan. 16th, 2007, 06:11 pm

There were a number of interviews actually put off until today, on account of the weather. Isn't that something! I won't find out anything until tomorrow at least. Maybe those others cancelled the interviews themselves. I don't know, but I'd hope so. It could give me a leg up if others are seen as apt to back out. But I'm just glad that I had mine scheduled last week. \

Sarah and I were planning before on celebrating either way, but we decided to go ahead to the Indian Bistro regardless. Wow, chicken masala and mango pudding really helped to relieve some stress. And it tasted great today too.. Something fun to watch were the older Bollywood videos, where the lead male had a terrible oversized pompador. I bet he was a real famous one. Confirm that for me if you can, hah! We're noticing that all the ladies sound the same. I think the modern ones actually sample her parts and then pull a Milli Vanilli.

Urrgh. School at 8:00.

Mon, Jan. 15th, 2007, 08:31 pm

Having a lot of fun today! School starts on Wednesday if the weather's right, and before that I get to hear how the job interview turned out.

I was playing around with some knobs on my Minimoog VSTi. Uncovered a dead-on emulation of the "Won't Get Fooled Again" intro. I was so excited about that, especially because I didn't end up having to buy an Alesis or something (for a thirty-second passage). I wouldn't do that anyway, so forget it.

But I did record with Sam and that turned out GREAT. There are some other ideas in my head since Sarah and I have been writing together, so tomorrow's going to be the day for those. Also been brushing up on some technique with Hanon's Virtuoso and Paul Smith's Jazz Studies. Sorry if that reads like I'm pretentious or something. I haven't posted in a long time, so I need to get used to this :)

Otherwise.. This is just an observation, but I'm noticing this surge lately of "prehistoric" artifacts in the news. The big wigs are trying so hard to legitimize evolutionary history, it's a joke! Like some isolated occurence of a skull is any realistic basis for confirming a "species." Isn't it a less far-fetched conclusion to just call it an oddly shaped human? Sure, but we have to remember that these are academic institutions.

Sat, Dec. 31st, 2005, 04:54 pm

Not quite another year, but nobody's counting down yet. Sarah and Sam and I, we're playing our most attention-worthy games this afternoon: Probe and Scrabble are up later, but they introduced me to Bantu and the Three Little Pigs. I'm serious when I say I could just frame these boards and hang them; I mean, they look and feel that cool.

So you gotta know Parker and Parker are my brothers.

Fri, Dec. 30th, 2005, 06:49 pm

Bought some black zip boots today. Maybe a halfway frustrating ordeal, because stores really aren't carrying these things anymore. But there was a positive side to this and that was far taken-down price.

Christmas was such a blessing! Especially Sarah and I had the added aspect this year of shared passions for things. There's a love for our situation this time around, a simple situation but one that turned out to be the deepest.

GIFTS! Ennio Morricone cd anthology, three pairs of old/new permanent press pants, chocolate treats, bowie Sound+Vision, gift money, so on.

Until next year?!

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